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Dashboard Visualizations for Biodiversity Indicators

Dashboard Visualizations for Biodiversity Indicators


Indicators of progress toward the implementation of the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020 and the achievement of the Aichi Biodiversity Targets are key to Agenda Items 9 (Interim review of progress) and 19 (Guidelines for national reports, future editions of the Global Biodiversity Outlook and indicators). Communication about biodiversity is a component of Agenda Item 12 (Other means of implementation).   In this side event, NatureServe will launch its Biodiversity Indicators Dashboard, an interactive tool developed in coordination with the Biodiversity Indicators Partnership, that visualizes the health and trends of biodiversity, and tracks conservation performance at regional, national, basin, and site scales. Achieving global biodiversity goals relies on the ability to monitor, measure, and visualize both environmental trends and the progress of conservation programs. Indicator visualizations on the Biodiversity Indicators Dashboard also demonstrate results, maintain credibility, and communicate impacts of conservation interventions to a broad decision-maker audience. Through presentations and hands-on practice, attendees will learn how to use the Dashboard to visualize trends in over 20 indicators of the pressures, state, responses and benefits to biodiversity at the scale they need. They can also explore indicator profiles for the countries they represent.


CBD page: https://www.cbd.int/side-events/2180 

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