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Working Group II AM: CRPs continued

Working Group II AM: CRPs continued


COP-10 COP-13-WG.2-CRP.10     Progress towards the achievement of Aichi Biodiversity Targets 11 and 12 [ agreed to go to L ]

COP-14 COP-13-WG.2-CRP.12     In-depth dialogue on thematic areas and other cross-cutting issues [agreed to go to L]

COP-14 COP-13-WG.2-CRP.13     Task 15 of the multi-year programme of work on the implementation of Article 8(j) and related provisions: best-practice guidelines for the repatriation of indigenous and traditional knowledge [agreed to go to L]

COP-19 COP-13-WG.2-CRP.14     Global Biodiversity Outlook  (did not finish)


Schedule and documents: https://www.cbd.int/conferences/2016/schedules?datetime=2016-12-12 

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