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Working Group II PM: CRP.1; CRP.2; CRP.11; CRP.3

Working Group II PM: CRP.1; CRP.2; CRP.11; CRP.3


COP-15 COP-13-WG.2-CRP.1       Sustainable use of biodiversity: bushmeat and sustainable wildlife management


COP-15 COP-13-WG.2-CRP.2       Addressing impacts of marine debris and anthropogenic underwater noise on marine and coastal biodiversity


COP-14 COP-13-WG.2-CRP.11     Recommendations from the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues to the Convention on Biological Diversity


COP-17 COP-13-WG.2-CRP.3       Climate-related geoengineering


COP-15 COP-13-WG.2-CRP.4       Marine spatial planning and training initiatives


COP-15 COP-13-WG.2-CRP.5       Voluntary specific workplan on biodiversity in cold water areas within the jurisdictional scope of the Convention


Schedule and documents: https://www.cbd.int/conferences/2016/schedules?datetime=2016-12-08 

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