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Women smallholder farmers: guardians of agrobiodiversity

Women smallholder farmers: guardians of agrobiodiversity


We will look at the importance of the capacity for Indigenous women smallholder farmers to reclaim their right and role in food security through strengthening their capacity in seeds management and nutrition and in global policy engagement.   Strengthening women farmers empowerment to enhance their knowledge, access and use of biodiverse sources of nutrition, contributes to build stronger seed systems of important nutritional crops such as the Neglected and Underutilized Species (NUS)   Sharing their acquired knowledge and innovative strategies on biodiverse nutrition concepts and tools with other communities will also allow individual, community and international awareness of biodiversity based diets, and will thus allow their participation in policy dialogues to claim the right to food.     Smallholder farmers, especially women are the guardians of knowledge on species neglected by research and sciences which high potentialities in terms of nutrition and resistance to climate change. Traditional reciprocity food strategies and social practices (i.e barters markets) are a way to empower women and preserve biodiversity, strengthen seed and food systems. Promote the multiple values of biodiversity and the relationships between cultural and biological diversity. (Aichi Target 1) Use low-input agricultural techniques and fight to reduce pollution and chemicals from nearby industries (Aichi Target 8) Maintain genetic diversity of cultivated plants, domesticated animals, and  wild relatives (Aichi Target 13) site-specific, adaptive and built on sophisticated traditional knowledge, innovations and practices (Aichi Target 18).


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